The data sheet PDF downloads below pertain to the Rock Oil motorcycle lubricant and aerosol product range. The sheets contain data on on the specification, characteristics, features, directions for use and cautionary information on products where applicable.

Each PDF download is around 100kb unless specified otherwise.

If you are unable to source the product you require or have any specific questions on the lubricant range please contact us, telephone +44 (0) 1925 636191 or use the quicklink box to find your nearest distributor.


pdfBrake Kleen Tech Data

pdfCarb Kleen Tech Data

pdfChain Lube Tech Data

pdfChain Wax Tech Data

pdfCity 2 Tech Data

pdfCity 2 Plus Tech Data

pdfCity 4 Tech Data

pdfCity 4 Plus Tech Data

pdfDirt Blaster Tech Data

pdfDOT 4 Brake and Clutch Fluid Tech Data

pdfDOT 5.1 Universal Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Fluid Tech Data

pdfFactory Eco Foam Tech Data

pdfFactory Foam Tech Data

pdfFactory Foam Kleen Tech Data

pdfGamma 10W-40 Tech Data

pdfGamma 20W-50 Tech Data

pdfGRO Gearbox Oil Tech Data

pdfGuardian Motorcycle Range Tech Data

pdfGuardian Range Tech Data

pdfGuardian Sigma Tech Data

pdfK2 Plus Tech Data

pdfKontact Kleen Tech Data

pdfKool Tech Data

pdfKool XL Tech Data

pdfLite Gear Oil Tech Data

pdfMedium Fork Oil Tech Data

pdfMotorcycle 10W-40 Tech Data

pdfPP2 Tech Data

pdfRacing Brake Fluid Tech Data

pdfRacing Castor Tech Data

pdfRoad 2 Stroke Tech Data

pdfScoogear Gear Oil Tech Data

pdfSilicone Bike Shine Tech Data

pdfStrawberry 2 Tech Data

pdfStrawberry Trial 2 Tech Data

pdfSVI Suspension Range Tech Data

pdfSynthesis Motorcycle Range Tech Data

pdfSynthesis 2 Injector Tech Data

pdfSynthesis 2 Racing Tech Data

pdfSynthesis 4 Racing 15w50 Tech Data

pdfSynthesis SVI Suspension Range Tech Data

pdfSynthesis SVI Suspension Range

pdfSynthesis XRP Gearbox Tech Data

pdfSynthesis XRP Off Road Range Tech Data

pdfTRM Tech Data

pdfWRX 10W-40 Tech Data

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