Rock Oil prides itself on the manufacture of a superb range of performance lubricants serving many industries, being particularly proud of its long involvement and support of motorsport. All products are manufactured from the finest state of the art chemicals and base oils; they meet and surpass all relevant national and international specifications.

Using their vast experience Rock source only the very best raw materials to produce their products, ensuring the highest quality and performance from a basic grease right through to high specification race lubricants. Selection of only the finest raw materials ensures quality is never compromised. An on-site laboratory and blending plant ensures that any customer requirement can be met and satisfied. Rock are signed up to the ATIEL code of practice, with Rock directors working at board level as well as having continual membership for many years of the UKLA and thus the UEIL. Rock has worked hard to develop a superb supply chain and develop strong working relationships with the best partners such as Afton, Infineum, Lubrizol and Oronite for additive technology, Shell, Petronas and Neste for base stocks. All raw materials are provided by the highest quality working partners.

The on-site laboratory is equipped with the very latest technology to help maintain and regulate the quality of all lubricants manufactured. All raw materials are tested upon arrival to ensure quality and once blended each batch of lubricant is tested to ensure the product meets the required standard before sending to a customer. Analysis in our own laboratory is measured down to parts per million such is the level of quality control that is applied to all products. Alongside this stringent quality control, extensive research and development work means that existing ranges are improved and new products are designed to meet emerging standards and approvals. Rock also has a long record of launching innovative products, especially for racing and our top tier racing lubricant Synthesis XRP is testament to this technical prowess.

This commitment to quality has led to Rock Oil being awarded the prestigious BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Certificate and recommendations by many leading manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Iveco, Triumph, Kawasaki and Suzuki, plus JASO, NMMA, API, CIK and ACEA accreditation.

The technical department is available for advice and assistance on any lubricant related matter so please contact us if you have a specific technical query.

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How to purchase our products

We do not sell direct to the public but through selected dedicated sales, distributors, and support offices worldwide.

For non-motorcycle products, please contact us for information on your nearest retailer or salesperson.

For motorcycle products, please visit the motorcycle lubricants page and use the 'Distributor Quicklinks' box to find your nearest contact.

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Rock Oil is proud to have representatives and distributors around the world. Please use our quick links below to find the one nearest to your location.