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Rock Oil are thrilled to reveal exciting news on a new racing partnership with Albatec Racing. Formed in 2012, Albatec is a UK-based motorsport team, owned and operated by British Rallycross vice champion and successful Dumfries businessman Andy Scott.

Albatec Racing will be competing in the FIA European Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, as well as the MSA British Rallycross Championship in association with the Shannon Group. With an in-house designed state of the art Peugeot 208 Rallycross car, complete with 600bhp turbocharged Oreca built engines, mated to technologically advanced Sadev transmission; the team is one of the best prepared and equipped in the series. They will be running the very best lubricants Rock Oil produce including the Carbon range of engine oils.

Commenting on the partnership with Albatec Racing, Rock Oil’s Greg Hewitt said: “We are delighted to be working with Albatec Racing. Rallycross is a dramatic and exciting motorsport and we are excited to be a working partner for 2015 and hopefully beyond”

“Rock Oil has a long-standing support of racing in all its forms and this new partnership shows our commitment to supporting top class motorsport. Our lubricants have long enjoyed favour within the motorsport arena and our partnership with Albatec will help push the Rock brand to an even greater audience.”

Andy Scott, Albatec Racing Team Principal & Driver: “We at Albatec Racing are very pleased to be working with Rock Oil. Their technical department produce the finest quality lubricants, which fit perfectly with our team’s ethos. We believe they will deliver the highest level of product for us, and their support gives us confidence for the future development of the Albatec 208RX as we look to build on its recent success in Britain. We are delighted to welcome them into the new market of rallycross and look forward to a successful working partnership for 2015 and beyond.”

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Rock Oil has vast lubricant experience with a long history of motorsport involvement, including supporting factory teams competing at world level thus ensuring that they are at the forefront of lubrication technology. The Carbon Series marks a major breakthrough for not only the R&D team at Rock Oil but for the lubricant industry as a whole. Utilising the very latest chemical technology it promises to deliver performance and protection for high performance race and road engines. Rock Oil has long supported motorsport in the motorcycle market and lubricated the engines of multiple world champions. This expertise and desire to offer only the best possible products has resulted in the development of the Carbon series. In 2015 the Carbon engine oils were used by the Albatec Rallycross team, Sean Walkinshaw Racing in Formula 4 and also by Japspeed in the British Drift Championship.

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Market leading additive technology has been combined with the three types of advanced next generation synthetic base stocks. Independent tests have shown that conventional synthetic ester base oils of the polar type have an affinity for internal engine surfaces which can actually be detrimental for wear protection. (These esters can compete with additives for the surface, reducing additive performance). Our latest non-polar extreme performance esters do not compete with anti-wear additives for the surface hence the step-change in wear protection realised by the Carbon Series products demonstrated below:

The Sequence IV-A (ASTM D6891) is the oil industry's benchmark flat tappet valve-train wear test.

  • API SL Limit = 120 microns maximum wear on cam lobes
  • API SM & SN Limit = 90 microns maximum wear on cam lobes
  • Rock Oil Carbon 5W-30 = 26 microns

In addition to outstanding wear protection, to release full engine power the Rock Oil Carbon Series has been developed to significantly reduce friction through the use of unique organic friction modifier technology.

The Carbon Series was subject to a vigorous and intense succession of development through both field-trials with motorsport partners and extensive laboratory testing. Our vast experience in motorcycle racing ensures all products manufactured in our factory meet the exacting standards required at this level. The range consists of four viscosities 5W-30, 0W-40, 10W-50 & 10W-60, which between them cover all major engine applications in the high performance automotive market. The range can be used in both motorsport and fast road applications and offers users the reassurance that their engine is both protected and releasing maximum power.

For trade and end user enquiries on the carbon range please contact us or telephone our main office on +44 (0) 1925 636191.

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