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GENERATOR GUARD Product ShotGENERATOR-GUARD 15W-40 is a high quality heavy duty generator oil engineered to have a comprehensive performance profile allowing fulfilment of a wide range of generator engine lubrication requirements.

It offers outstanding soot handling and sludge dispersancy ensuring excellent cleanliness, reduced wear and reduced oil filter restriction at high soot levels. It allows drain interval extension and therefore reduced downtime for both machinery and operator. Generator Guards excellent wear protection results in trouble free engine performance and long component life – thus allowing maintenance cost reductions.

It is a High Total Base Number (TBN) product designed for the latest heavy duty diesel API, ACEA and OEM engine specifications where full SAPS / high sulphated ash is required. GENERATOR-GUARD 15W-40 is capable of providing medium-long service periods (always follow OEM recommendations), often in conjunction with Condition Monitoring Analysis.

If you have require any information on GENERATOR-GUARD 15W-40 please contact us or telephone +44 (0) 1925 636191.