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agri guard product shotThe AGRI-GUARD® range of professional agricultural lubricants cater for every possible need including engine oils, transmission fluids, and an extensive range of ancillary products.

With today’s modern agriculture and horticulture applications, lubricants have to work harder than ever before to ensure optimum performance and reliability. We have specially engineered a series of bespoke products to cover the agricultural and horticultural markets. They are OEM specific and approved products, meaning that they can be used throughout the whole life of your vehicles, including during the warranty period.

AGRI-GUARD® Lubricant(s) Product Type
AGRI-GUARD® 15W-40 Long Drain Engine Oil
AGRI-GUARD® LS 10W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil
AGRI-GUARD® SUTO 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 15W-30 Super Universal Tractor Oil
AGRI-GUARD® UTTO 10W-30 Universal Tractor Transmission Oil
AGRI-GUARD® TO-4 Trans TO-4 Transmission Oil Range

The PDF brochure for the AGRI-GUARD® range and ancillary products, and the associated product release sheets are available to download on the sidebar.

If you have require any information on the AGRI-GUARD® agricultural and horticultural lubricant range please contact us or telephone +44 (0) 1925 636191.

AGRI-GUARD® Ancillary Products
HLP Hydraulic Oils HVI Hydraulic Oils
BIO Hydraulic BIO Hydraulic ES
Grease Range Biocide Multipurpose Fuel Treatment
Quad Oil Semi-Synthetic 4 Stroke Oil 10W-40 Groundsman 4 Stroke Engine Oil
Groundsman SAE 30 Groundsman 2 Stroke Engine Oil
Groundsman Barguard Saw Oil Absorbent Granules
Dirtblaster Protector Silicone Spray
Milking Machine Oil (available in a range of weights / sizes) Polygel Hand Cleaner
Rockeze Soluble Oil Cleaner

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How to purchase our products

We do not sell direct to the public but through selected dedicated sales, distributors, and support offices worldwide.

For non-motorcycle products, please contact us for information on your nearest retailer or salesperson.

For motorcycle products, please visit the motorcycle lubricants page and use the 'Distributor Quicklinks' box to find your nearest contact.