Rock Oil_Corporate_Website_QROver the coming months we will be rebranding our product labels to include Rock Oil branded QR codes. The QR codes will be used to provide direct web links to useful information on individual products, whilst still promoting the Rock Oil branding within our packaging. The QR codes will also be dynamic, meaning that for example if a lubricant product datasheet has been updated online, the destination link from the QR code can be modified on-demand. This means that even after the custom QR code has been printed and distributed on our label packaging. The customer will always have convenient access to the latest product information at any time, direct from their mobile phone.

A QR code is a 2D barcode, scanned with a phone (such as an iphone or android phone) directing users to a website or an individual page on the internet. Regular QR codes have a blocky and unattractive design. Instead we will be using branded QR codes that follow our company colour scheme and logo. Without encroaching on the functionality of the QR code itself. Letting consumers know that the information provided by the QR code is directly from Rock Oil and relevant to the product or service it is being used with. Over time we will be incorporating QR codes where applicable on our offline marketing to make it easier for customers and distributors to find the information they need directly from our website.

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We do not sell direct to the public but through selected dedicated sales, distributors, and support offices worldwide.

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