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Rock Oil manufacture and package for many customers under their own brand, including major multinational OEMs right down to smaller individual operations. Rock Oil’s extensive, flexible manufacturing capability means that we can either manufacture to your specification or supply ready-formulated products ideally suited to the needs of you and your customers.

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Rock Oil has vast racing and motorsport experience enjoying many British & World Championship successes, ensuring that they are at the forefront of lubrication technology. Rock Oil is the official lubricant of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, one of the largest and most popular motorsport series in the world. This partnership ensures the Rock brand is at the forefront of two wheeled motorsport. Not only does the business work with the BSB, but also a host of top level teams and riders competing across many disciplines.


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In 2019 Rock Oil will also be working with:

Road– Circuit & Road Race

  • RAF Reserves Kawasaki – Kawasaki ZX-10R / Our premier Superbike team that we have worked with for a number of years now.
  • InCompetition Aprilia - RSV4RF / This is a new partnership with a well established Superstock team.
  • Appleyard Macadam Racing - Yamaha YZF-R6 / Another new partnership with the current Supersport Champions.
  • IDWE Racing - Kalex Moto 2 / Sam Wilford contesting the British GP 2 Championship.
  • City Lifting / RS Racing - Kalex Moto 2 & KTM Moto 3 / With 2 riders in Moto 3 and 2 riders in Moto 2.
  • Dafabet Devitt Racing - Kawasaki ZX-10R / Professional Road Racing team competing in all the major road races.
  • Tai Woffinden - 500cc Single Cylinder Speedway Bike / Current world Speedway Champion and long standing supported rider.

Off Road – Motocross, Enduro & Trials

  • Buildbase Honda Racing - Honda CRF450R & CRF250R / Official Honda MX Team.
  • MRS Sherco Trial & Enduro Team.
  • Emma Bristow - Sherco Trial Factory / International motorcycle trials rider and current Women's World Champion.
  • Dougie Lampkin - Vertigo Combat Trials Bike
  • Phoenix Tools Kawasaki - Kawasaki KX450 & KX250 / Official Kawasaki MX Team
  • FastEddie Enduro Events - Sponsorship of full Enduro events plus the Fasteddie team itself
  • RAW Enduro Series - Title Sponsorship plus support of RAW riders
  • Paul Bolton - KTM 300 EXC TPI / Hard Enduro rider
  • Wulfsport Meredith MX Rock Oil - Suzuki RMZ450 / AMCA motorcross team with rider Kristian Whatley

Along with many other teams and competitors in various disciplines.

Rock Oil's continued involvement with all forms of two wheeled racing ensures that all products from engine oil through to ancillary products such as chain lube are fully tested in the extremes of competition.

With today's modern race and road bikes, lubricants have to work harder than ever to ensure optimum performance and reliability. To achieve these demanding criteria, Rock Oil has succeeded in developing a sophisticated range of products to cater for every application to include all 2 & 4 stroke machines. The motorcycle range covers road bikes, off road bikes and both modern and classic scooters.

Using the correct lubricant is essential in ensuring the long term reliability and protection of your engine. Every Rock Oil product is engineered to perform a specific task, assuring you of the highest performance for your own individual requirement. Our lubricants meet the very latest approvals including JASO MA & MA2 – the only certified motorcycle only specifications.

To find out more about the motorcycle range of lubricants, download the PDF brochure of the range below. If you are unable to source the product you require or have any specific questions on the lubricant range please contact us, telephone +44 (0) 1925 636191 or use the quicklink box to find your nearest distributor.

The textile industry demands a high level of efficiency and performance from a lubricant. Rock Oils textile range embraces this with a specialised family of pale coloured oils to help combat the possibility of staining when in operation.

Rock Oil's vast experience in both 2 and 4 stroke lubrication has been used to produce our high performing range of marine lubricants for both inboard and outboard applications.

box industrialRock Oil provides a complete package of lubricants for industry, designed to maximise performance of equipment whilst reducing downtime. They are formulated to the highest possible standards and the range is designed to deliver top performance in the extreme working conditions found in industry. The range offers a diverse range of ISO viscosities, which satisfy the requirements of the industrial user.

TRUCK-GUARD-Elite-Product-ShotThe TRUCK-GUARD® range of commercial fleet lubricants ensure increased engine component life, reduced oil and fuel consumption and lower particulate emissions throughout the arduous commercial environment. Support products include advanced gearbox oils, axle and bearing greases through to specialist damping oils for suspension systems.

GENERATOR GUARD Product ShotGENERATOR-GUARD 15W-40 is a high quality heavy duty generator oil engineered to have a comprehensive performance profile allowing fulfilment of a wide range of generator engine lubrication requirements.

Rock Oil has vast automotive experience with a long history of motorsport involvement, including supporting a factory team at Le Mans. This involvement at the very highest level ensures that we are at the forefront of lubrication technology. With today’s modern automotive requirements such as high specific horsepower output combined with the need for reduced emission levels and extended drain intervals, lubricants have to work harder than ever to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

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Rock Oil has vast lubricant experience with a long history of motorsport involvement, including supporting factory teams competing at world level thus ensuring that they are at the forefront of lubrication technology. The Carbon Series marks a major breakthrough for not only the R&D team at Rock Oil but for the lubricant industry as a whole. Utilising the very latest chemical technology it promises to deliver performance and protection for high performance race and road engines. Rock Oil has long supported motorsport in the motorcycle market and lubricated the engines of multiple world champions. This expertise and desire to offer only the best possible products has resulted in the development of the Carbon series. In 2015 the Carbon engine oils were used by the Albatec Rallycross team, Sean Walkinshaw Racing in Formula 4 and also by Japspeed in the British Drift Championship.

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Market leading additive technology has been combined with the three types of advanced next generation synthetic base stocks. Independent tests have shown that conventional synthetic ester base oils of the polar type have an affinity for internal engine surfaces which can actually be detrimental for wear protection. (These esters can compete with additives for the surface, reducing additive performance). Our latest non-polar extreme performance esters do not compete with anti-wear additives for the surface hence the step-change in wear protection realised by the Carbon Series products demonstrated below:

The Sequence IV-A (ASTM D6891) is the oil industry's benchmark flat tappet valve-train wear test.

  • API SL Limit = 120 microns maximum wear on cam lobes
  • API SM & SN Limit = 90 microns maximum wear on cam lobes
  • Rock Oil Carbon 5W-30 = 26 microns

In addition to outstanding wear protection, to release full engine power the Rock Oil Carbon Series has been developed to significantly reduce friction through the use of unique organic friction modifier technology.

The Carbon Series was subject to a vigorous and intense succession of development through both field-trials with motorsport partners and extensive laboratory testing. Our vast experience in motorcycle racing ensures all products manufactured in our factory meet the exacting standards required at this level. The range consists of four viscosities 5W-30, 0W-40, 10W-50 & 10W-60, which between them cover all major engine applications in the high performance automotive market. The range can be used in both motorsport and fast road applications and offers users the reassurance that their engine is both protected and releasing maximum power.

For trade and end user enquiries on the carbon range please contact us or telephone our main office on +44 (0) 1925 636191.

agri guard product shotThe AGRI-GUARD® range of professional agricultural lubricants cater for every possible need including engine oils, transmission fluids, and an extensive range of ancillary products.

Rock Oil's products are manufactured from the finest state of the art synthetic chemicals and oils, which meet and surpass all relevant national and international standards. Rock Oil’s dedication to quality and improvement resulted in accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and recommendations by many leading manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Iveco, Triumph, Kawasaki and Suzuki plus JASO, API, ACEA, CIK and NMMA accreditation.

Rock Oil manufacture lubricants from a purpose built site designed for most applications, with different ranges of oil and lubricant products available. Although some products are not so easy to categorise, Rock Oil have identified eight distinct ranges of lubricants and greases. If you have a specific grease application that isn't covered by one of our major ranges, please contact us to discuss specific product requirements.

The major lubricant ranges are:

Individual brochures in PDF format are available for all of the major lubricant ranges and contain all relevant grades and specifications.

We also manufacture and pack for many companies (both large and small) and offer a complete branding option for the customer if required. Visit our own label and OEM section for more information.

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We do not sell direct to the public but through selected dedicated sales, distributors, and support offices worldwide.

For non-motorcycle products, please contact us for information on your nearest retailer or salesperson.

For motorcycle products, please visit the motorcycle lubricants page and use the 'Distributor Quicklinks' box to find your nearest contact.

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