Friday, 22 February 2013 10:38

Synthesis XRP Hits The Dyno!

When Rock Oil launched Synthesis XRP a decade ago, it was a serious step forward in lubrication for both race and road motorcycles. It offers superb protection and increases the performance of the vast majority of motorcycles.

bmw s1000rr_xrpWith most bikes pushing out very high levels of horsepower per litre as standard it can be very hard to verify any gains such is the out of the box performance on most bikes. Some users claim they can feel through a crisper throttle response or a smoother gear change. Its only when you put a motorcycle on a Dynometer that true improvements can be measured. Although launched 10 years ago Synthesis XRP has been updated a number of times and today is still providing the very best performance possible for 4 stroke motorcycles.

Our Hong Kong importer Sanwa Motorcycles decided to put our claims to the test and run some of their own independent dyno tests to assess the performance of the oil on a modern, large capacity road bike. Both Sanwa and Rock were delighted to see a peak horsepower gain of 4BHP on the BMW S1000 RR they had selected for the test. With BMW currently being one of the more desirable sports bikes, it was especially gratifying to see such a gain on a bike such as this especially as it had only 2000km on the clock. Running the standard oil it managed a figure of 175.6 BHP and with XRP the peak figure was 179.5 BHP which represents a serious gain and as the dynometer operator stated a massive improvement for something which could be part of a standard service interval.

Synthesis XRP is the engine oil of choice for our sponsored road teams and teams such as Buildbase BMW (who themselves are running a race version of the bike tested) and Gearlink Kawasaki will be running it in their race engines this season.

xrp dyno_testbmw s1000rr_xrp_2

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