Welcome to the Rock Oil media and branding section

Here you will be able to find different variations of the Rock Oil logo, for use in media and print design. If you need a copy of one of the logos in an alternative format please contact us.

The green colour used in our logo is Pantone Coated 347 C

  • CMYK: 93, 0, 100, 0
  • HEX: #009a44
  • RGB: 0, 154, 68


  • Reproduce the logo in two colours on a white background where possible. This is the preferred version of the logo. The colours are black and the green specified elsewhere in these guidelines.


  • Do not reproduce the logo in colours other than those specified in this guide.
  • Do not place the two colour logo over a patterned background that will impair readability
  • Do not skew or stretch the logo


Where the main logo would be unsuitable for use (because of clashing colours), there are allowed alternatives as shown below. The green colour (when in use) is kept consistent, as is the orientation of the R shape. 


Rock Logos Example



In this example the left image is wrong. The shade of green is too light, and the green R logo does not have the slanted effect. The graphic on the right is how our logo should be displayed.

Rock Oil logo example 


The graphics files available for download are in a few different formats. For print use please refer to either the PDF or EPS versions. These files contains all of the allowed variations of the logo as shown above as single files. For web use please refer to the PNG and JPG raster versions, these are zip files that contain individual versions of each allowed variation.

pdfRock Oil Logo Set (PDF Vector)633.37 KB

textRock Oil Logo Set (EPS Vector)2.43 MB

jpgRock Oil Logo Set (PNG and JPG Raster)2.43 MB

jpgRock Oil 90th Anniversary Logo Set (EPS, AI, PNG)3.21 MB


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How to purchase our products

We do not sell direct to the public but through selected dedicated sales, distributors, and support offices worldwide.

For non-motorcycle products, please contact us for information on your nearest retailer or salesperson.

For motorcycle products, please visit the motorcycle lubricants page and use the 'Distributor Quicklinks' box to find your nearest contact.

Distributor Quicklinks

Rock Oil is proud to have representatives and distributors around the world. Please use our quick links below to find the one nearest to your location.