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In this section we have a few commonly asked questions from customers.


Can I buy motorcycle products direct from you?

No, Rock Oil motorcycle products are available from all good motorcycle product retailers. Your nearest distributor will have details on the nearest product retailer to you. Use our quicklink box to find the nearest distributor to your area, or contact us and we will gladly pass on your details to the nearest retailer to you.


How do I open an account?

Contact us or telephone +44 (0) 1925 636191 and we will be happy to send an account application form to you to complete. Following satisfactory credit references, we will be happy to open an account for you, though we do ask that all first orders are paid for prior to delivery.


Do you charge delivery charges?

Yes, we charge a delivery cost for small orders (those less than £200.00 in value or 200 litres in quantity) should you live in an area not covered by our own vehicles. Delivery charges and full information are available on request.


What are your lead times?

Generally, our lead time is two days from receipt of order plus delivery as soon as our van is back in your area (as we may not be in your area every day.) This may vary depending on product availibility, blend times etc, but we do aim to deliver within five working days.